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The most prized location in Fikirtepe, Kadıköy: Concord Istanbul
Change in life is inevitable

Time changes. ‘’Human-oriented design” is a prerequisite of our time. We are in the middle of a huge trend of change that began in order to keep up with time and provide our people with the proper living standards they deserve. Istanbul is being recreated from scratch, as the phrase goes, and here it is, awaiting the appreciation it deserves like a jewel being polished. Concord Istanbul has been designed so as to be one of the most spectacular parts of this change. The journey of Kadıköy to a new and beautiful future begins with Concord Istanbul.

It shines with all its being

Concord Istanbul will be composed of three blocks in the first phase and six in the second, and all blocks will be residence buildings. There are different size options available. The flats are divided into types as studios and 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 roomed flats, and every detail of these flats has been considered. This project also has a spectacular appearance with its stance that almost looks down over the city from above.

Adding extra value to your life

Concord Istanbul adds extra value to your life, not only with its convenient location, but also the privileges it provides. Every detail has been thought of in order that you never need leave and so that you can spare the time for yourself – from the swimming pool to the fitness center, refreshing rooms, and concierge service. Concord Istanbul has been specifically designed, from its bathroom to its kitchen, its fittings to its tiles. The perfect fine details add a very special elegance to your life. In the interior decoration, every detail serves for a more comfortable life; the highest-quality materials, the products of world-famous brands, and state of the art technology have all been employed. Concord Istanbul also keeps heating and electricity expenses economical thanks to its smart building technology.

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