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Our Vision

Building the future by using the existing values

Our Vision

For our customers
Providing residences and buildings with security, comfort, quality and aesthetic. Creating living spaces protecting the green and nature as much as possible. Ensuring maximum satisfaction of our customers that are to use these spaces for generations.

For our employees
Being a company where justice and common sense for the employees are dominant, where the innovative ideas are supported, where success objectives are clearly revealed, where people are awarded at the stage of attaining objectives and where the employees are proud of and happy for working.

For our business partners
Building long term solution partnerships based on honesty, integrity and trust and creating and sustaining a just working understanding where mutual gains are respected.

Organizational Values

Environmental Policy
TEKNIK YAPI A.Ş., in all stages of our activities; to administer environmental protection by the prevention of air, water, and soil pollution by recycling and reducing wastes, and to develop an effective environmental management system by turning to consumption of reusable and recyclable materials instead of natural sources, and to ensure maintaining and continual improvement of such system in contact and collaboration with public enterprises, non-governmental organizations, and our other stakeholders in compliance with national and international laws and legislations.

Quality Policy
As TEKNIK YAPI A.Ş., to render the best service to our customers by always prioritizing customer demands, and making the high-quality human resource as our most important value, that is explorer, considering quality as a life style, having a team spirit, and able to utilize its skills and competencies throughout the company.

WHS Policy
As TEKNIK YAPI A.Ş., in every stage of our activities; to establish a healthy and safe working environment, to increase our security performance, to mitigate risks and accident occurrence by ensuring training and participation of all employees with a team spirit in line with our OHS objectives, and to realize continuous improvement in compliance with effective laws and legislations.


Codes of Conduct

At the first glance, Teknik Yapı is a construction company. However, for those who get closely acquainted with it, our difference from others is “our buildings”. The most important is that what are reflected to our buildings is our nature - it is our values, insight, approach; in short, our culture. We have in our culture;
To consider customer satisfaction as the most important aspiration;

To keep all of our buildings under the company guarantee besides legal obligations…

By increasing its productivity and competitive capacity continuously through an outstanding teamwork, provision of products and services to our customers beyond their expectations and the efforts of identification of warranty for its buildings with its name… the pride of having completed the works undertaken always on time and in the quality promised within a systematic and dynamic work-pace by over 1000 employees… The will of designing unique buildings and creating a difference with an innovative approach… The speed and superiority of utilizing high technology in every stage of production… The happiness of being the re-preference of more than 80% of our customers… The fact that the invariability of our quality has been assured under the international ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate. We have buildings produced after all of these and are differentiated from others. In short, our difference from others is “our buildings”.