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Significant Milestones

The step Nazmi Durbakayım took on his own as a young engineer in 1974 in the construction world was also the beginning of today’s TEKNİK YAPI. Today Teknik Yapı in the leadership of Nazmi Durbakayım, along with all teammates, proceeds on its way with the same excitement and ambition as on the first day and with the advantage of using the intellect.

Over six million m² in several branches of the construction sector has been built so far. Following the advanced technologies, Teknik Yapı attained to a distinguished position within its sector thanks to its collaboration with the precious lecturers of our universities.

Our inquisitive and innovative spirit has revealed our distinguished character both in the industrial buildings and residential buildings we constructed. Our standing behind what we achieved and ensuring customer satisfaction has carried TEKNİK YAPI to its current position.

We make long-term plans and are aware of the values we create. That is why TEKNİK YAPI has always its specific approach in tens of plants and hundreds of buildings it projected with the concepts created in the mass housing projects including UPHILL Court Projects.

  • Started in Kadıköy

    The experience in the sector started with decorations and block apartment constructions in Kadıköy made the name of Nazmi Durbakayım known based on the quality in products and services. Construction of singular apartment blocks grew into building of housing complexes and factories.

  • Bağdat Street

    The name of Teknik Yapı consolidated and became the most known brand of Kadıköy. Volume of mass housing projects reached to hundreds of apartment flats. In the Emen alley on Bağdat Street, the apartment blocks were towered under the brand name of Teknik Yapı.

  • Inspirational Source

    In this period when villa projects came to the fore, high quality products were produced for prestigious people and organizations which were inspiration for the sector, and having enriched the existing experience and knowledge, a serious of arrangements for major projects have come to an end.

  • Revenue Sharing Model

    Revenue Sharing Model, developed under the leadership of TOKI and Emlak Konut GYO, became a bridge for having the brand quality of Teknik Yapı reached to thousands of homeowners. Our projects produced in Turkey and expressed in thousands commenced in 2004.

  • Kartal Region

    Including the project experience from thousands of housings into Civil Urban Transformation, Teknik Yapı started the projects including the Kartal region. Betofiber was founded as the largest GRC factory in Europe, providing the projects with environmental and economical contributions.

  • Civic Urban Transformation

    Without neglecting the Bağdat Street project, regional civic transformation was expanded to Kartal, Maltepe, and Sancaktepe. Each project set a sales record in its field and all the flats were sold even before completion.

  • Financial Center

    The first tour in the paramount project marathon which was started in Ataşehir, and Teknik Yapı, returning to the region which is introduced as the Finance Center, manifested itself with two giant projects again.

  • The Biggest Project

    As the greatest project of Turkey accomplished by one companywhich accomplished in single term, Evora Istanbul project is started. The project including five thousand housings achieved several successes in quality, sales, and concept.