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Human Resources Policy

The basic of our hiring policy is constituted by placing the individuals most suitable and proper for corporate values and culture based on the effective planning of manpower in line with our needs analyses. To make the most adequate placements, the criteria and methodology determined by positions are utilized. Recruiting activities are realized within an annual plan, and the steps of the process are structured in a standardized and transparent manner. Every employee, who became successful in our organization, has the chance of being promoted to the highest level as long as such success continues. As an establishment aiming to train its own managers, we share any in-house horizontal and vertical career opportunities with our employees.

Employment Processes

Recruitment Selection and Placement
The aim of recruitment practices is to include in our organization those candidates who are may keep up with organizational culture and thus, to achieve a sustainable success. In the recruitment process, the goal is to hire without discrimination to support the corporate vision and mission. We consider Human as the most crucial resource in order to become a stronger organization in the market and manage the recruitment process with this principle. We evaluate Personnel Demands coming from the departments for which Job Definitions are made through contemporary methods for each position in our organization and for which the Competences suitable for such job definitions are determined, and accordingly, for a pre-interview, invite those candidates who have the required specifications among the applications placed to our online human resources websites. In the competency--based recruitment process structured for ensuring the placement of candidates to proper jobs, human resources department and relevant department managers work together. Human resources department manages the preliminary evaluation process and the invites candidates to interview. After examining candidate’ compliance to organizational culture and the matching of required position and a candidate’s qualifications, relevant candidate is to interview with relevant department manager for assessment of candidate’s professional knowledge. At the end of this process, any candidate who is considered matched is offered a job. Depending on the position, technical knowledge and experience sometimes are given at work, but sometimes, experienced and ambitious people are preferred.