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 Can real estate loan be used for your projects under construction?
You can use a real estate loan in the amount of 75% of the apartment price from our contracted banks. Bank filing expense varies depending on the project and contracted bank.
 Will title deed transfer for the residence I purchased with real estate loan be realized when my repayments are completed?
In case that your real estate loan repayment continues at the stage of title deed transfer, your flat’s title deed is transferred to you by establishing a guarantee lien for the amount of loan extended by the bank.
 Can I transfer the apartment purchased of mine?
Within the process until delivery of your apartment, you may transfer and assign, with the relevant charges and stamp duties being borne by you.
 I live out of the city, can I purchase one of your apartments by proxy?
You may purchase an apartment by proxy and give power of attorney to have purchased a real estate in your name. However, the person you act as the attorney for has to give you a notary certified power of attorney for “Purchasing real estate” and the person for whom you purchase the apartment has to submit all required documents. If the proxy giver intends to use loan, he/she shall make the loan application in his/her name and sign the loan agreement.
 When and under which conditions will the title deed of my apartment be issued?
Construction servitude title deed transfers shall be made within the process until the apartment delivery, and you will be contacted concerning the relevant power of attorney and title deed charge amount.
 What kind of measures are taken against power outages?
A central power generator system to back up and meet the energy needs of the roads, environmental lighting, block entrances, building water and fire tank hydrophores, elevators, intercom, any kind of fire alarm units and operators, stairs and floor halls,, central systems and indoor car parks is installed.
 When will the deliveries of your ongoing project sales?
Concord İstanbul 1st Lot: Deliveries will commence as of December 2016.
Concord İstanbul 2nd Lot: Deliveries will commence as of December 2017.
 Is there heat, water and sound insulation on the roofs?
All blocks’ roofs have heat and water insulation.
 For how many years after the delivery will Teknik Yapı provide service and what is the Warranty Period?
Teknik Yapı gives to you the warranty certificates for the products delivered to you, and warranty periods of these goods are stated in these documents. (For example households) For the goods without warranty certificate, Teknik Yapı will repair or get repaired the breakdowns communicated to the After-Delivery Customer Service, excluding those arising from the user fault, for 2 years from the project delivery date. For the technical requests concerning rough construction, After-Sale Service Support is provided for 5 years.
 What is a Home Office? What kind of advantages does it offer?
Home Office is an independent section of residential quality getting permission to be used as an office with the management plan. This way, it can be let as an office to increase the rental income tax exemption, and in case of being rented by a sole proprietorship company, the withholding is paid by the lessee and net rental income may be obtained without paying rental income tax. Owning an Home Office particularly in central locations closed to public transportation facilities brings great advantages to the investors.
 What does the apartment price include? Will I have any other additional expenses than the Sale Price?
Sale prices of our apartments include VAT and Agreement Stamp Duty, and half of the Title Deed Transfer Charge, subscription and infrastructure costs are not included. In Evora Istanbul Project, as per Emlak Konut GYO’s principles, a Notary Certified Sale Agreement is acted, and the associated expenses shall be paid by the purchaser.
 Which firm is contracted for security, cleaning and housing estate operation in the projects?
For all projects, offers are received from housing estate operator firms accepted by the market before the delivery, and the firm that submitted the most convenient offer is contracted. To provide the most convenient service for the most convenient price, the holding has the housing estate operation firm titled Aktif Yaşam and security services firm titled Teknik Güvenlik.
 Can I purchase a residence for my child by guardianship?
If you child is younger than 18 years, you can purchase residence by guardianship. For sales by guardianship, bank loan cannot be used, only cash sale is made. In purchases by guardianship, the mother and father have to purchase the residence together for their children.
 Will I pay any transaction fee during the apartment transfer?
Transfer may be made by paying the amount of the transfer commission stated in the agreement. The tax, duty, charge and all other costs alike arising from the transfer are paid by the transferee.
 What does gross m2 mean? What does this area include?
The gross area is the size that is stated in m2 and found as a result of adding the share of the independent section in the corridor stair and entrance hall to the area of the independent section calculated from out of its walls, including the balcony. This area does not include elevator shaft, air and chimney wells, terraces and fire stairs.
 Are the common spaces and social facilities paid in your projects?
In none of our projects sale of which continues, use of the social facilities and common spaces is paid. Instead, they are allocated to the use of the owners free of charge. After the living commences in the project, renting out the common spaces and social facilities to record as revenue for the housing estate is possible with the majority of the votes of the owners at the annual ordinary general assemblies.
 What is your Sale Offices’ work hours?
All our sale offices provide service 7 days a week, between 09:00 am and 07:00 pm.
 What kind of measures are taken for heat, water and sound insulation?
Building foundations and basement floors are water-insulated with the method of tanking in accordance with their projects. Basement ceilings and curtains are heat insulated in accordance with their projects. All blocks’ roofs have heat and water insulation in accordance with their projects. All wet areas will be heat and water insulated. In the areas where hydrophore and water tanks are available, required sound insulation is made. For impact sound insulation, fiber-added sound insulation mattress is used in the apartment interior flooring. In the exterior façade, jacketing system providing heat insulation and/or tile exterior façade coating material on the heat insulation in accordance with the project is applied. In the blocks, between each two independent sections and each floor heat insulation is applied.
 What will the apartments offer in the projects I am interested in?
Evora İstanbul Technical Specifications
Concord İstanbul Technical Specifications
Metropark Technical Specifications
 What are the projects with sample apartments to see to help my purchasing decision?
Evora İstanbul, 3+1 sample apartment.
Metropark, 2+1 and 3+1 sample apartments.
Concord İstanbul, 2+1 sample apartment.
 How will the apartments be heated?
Each apartment’s heating will be provided with hot water boilers with natural gas fuel and central system. With the help of the digital heat meters (share meters) to be placed in the entrance of each independent section, energy consumption corresponding to the quantity used by the section and its share in the common spaces will be measured and invoiced. Hot water usage will be with the central boilers, and hot water consumption amount shall be invoiced based on the quantity used.